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Seaford Bonfire Society was officially reformed in December 2010 by a small group of keen bonfire aficionados and has been growing stronger every year with more and more members and a bigger and better bonfire event each October.


Seaford Bonfire History


Seaford has a long history of bonfire traditions with celebrations being recorded as far back as 1850. The Seaford connection with bonfire night can also be traced back to 1622 when Lord Monteagle, famed for warning the King of the Gunpowder Plot, was granted lands in Seaford by the King "in consideration of good service" for his part in foiling the plot.

Bonfire Night in Seaford was first mentioned in 1850 with reports in the Sussex Express of tar barrels being pulled through the streets in celebration of the anniversary of the "Papish plot". The rowdy Bonfire Boyes wore disguises to avoid being caught by the police and local magistrates and built a large bonfire on the waste ground in front of the New Inn (now the Wellington) to burn their effigies. Their headquarters was the New Inn and in 1867 it was reported that they marched from there through the town on Nov 5th led by the Bonfire Captain brandishing a sabre and accompanied by lieutenants carrying torches together with the Seaford Fife and Drum Band. As well as burning barrels a fishing boat was also pulled through the town and thrown on the bonfire. Squibs and firecrackers were thrown while the band played and the celebrations continued until midnight.  Similar reports of further celebrations have been recorded in the 1870s and 1890s. 





Seaford Bonfire Society now

The annual Seaford Bonfire event every October is only made possible by the hard work of its members and the support of local businesses and individuals who sponsor us. Our members have plenty to occupy them throughout the year with planning and fundraising and we meet once a month at our headquarters in The White Lion Hotel Seaford. It's not all hard work and we have a lot of fun helping out at local events and joining in bonfire events held by other societies. We're a very sociable bunch of people and are always happy for new people to join us.

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